Some Benefits of Detoxification:
  Weight loss (5 to 15 lbs. is normal with my clients)
  Loss in body fat percentage (not just water weight)
  Gain jump-out-of-bed energy
  Fitting into clothes you haven’t worn forever
  Clear, glowing, beautiful skin
  Reduced inflammation
  Improved digestion

Detoxifying Chemicals

Chemicals are a part of our lives, in the food we eat, in the air we breathe and even in the clothes we wear.  A toxin is simply a poison that can affect the body by internal or external means.  Evidence continues to support a link between the accumulation of toxins in body tissues and the development of chronic disease.
At AFC  we use Ion therapy footbaths to help the body remove impurities from the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, lymph, and skin where toxins are stored. The EBR-pro ion therapy device utilizes direct current to create an electromagnetic ionic field in the body. This combined with your feet in a water and salt mineral solution enables our detoxification centers to become "upregulated" thus encouraging the release of more toxins.
Imagine having restored vitality, more mental clarity, clearer skin and looking and feeling more healthy.  By detoxifying your body you can enjoy these benefits- and more.

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