Stress Managment and Reiki

Stress occurs in many forms when your body is under high demands mentally, physically, chemically, and/or emotionally. Reducing your stress levels gives your body the relief and functionality it needs to perform at 100%. Energy healing is a therapy that facilitates the reduction of stress.

Studies have shown that energy healing can be as effective as physical therapy in improving the range of motion in people with mobility problems. Because it can be so effective, more doctors are recommending it as an alternative to more traditional treatments.

Energy healing, or Reiki (pronounced “ray kee”) was discovered in Japan in 1922 and at the time was described as "soul energy". The word Reiki consists of two Japanese symbols: rei, which means wisdom or spiritual, and ki, which means vital energy. Today it is often described as "a universal life force", something everyone can receive and benefit from.

Reiki has the power to reduce pain, speed up your body’s natural healing processes, detoxify your body, and even assist with emotional struggles. Practitioners place their hands on your body in areas where they feel the body needs it most, sensing your body’s needs through sensations in their hands such as heat, cold, tingles, pulses and more.
The National Institutes of Health classify Reiki as a complementary alternative medicine that has been integrated into healthcare practices in oncology wards, hospice care and other areas.

With Reiki, trying is believing!

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